Decking Want to expand your entertainment area without performing major renovations on your home? Would you like to maximise your garden space? Decking may just be the perfect solution meeting all your needs. Garden decking maximises garden space while providing an ideal location for wining and dining guests or just lounging around on sunny summer days. We can help you get in touch with your local decking professionals.

Have you always wanted a deck but have been afraid of how much an installation might cost? Let us help you find the best decking services at the lowest prices, so that no matter what your budget, you too can enjoy your dream garden entertainment area.

Wooden decking is by far the most popular garden addition but plastic, aluminium, bamboo and even concrete decking is available depending on your preferred design, aesthetic and of course, your budget. Decking material can affect the cost and some materials may not be suitable for certain designs. Always consult the professionals before attempting DIY decking.

What Affects the Cost? Size, design and materials all have a direct effect on the final cost of the decking installation. The simpler the deck design, the cheaper the installation, but bear in mind that any decking adds value to your property. The better the decking, the higher your property value will be upon completion of the deck. Hiring a professional can actually save you money as DIY decking jobs gone wrong can end up costing a fortune to fix. Professional installation saves you time, effort and maybe even the medical bills from injuries sustained during the DIY process.

Decking Materials: Certain materials such as concrete are better suited to environments with harsh climates where thawing and freezing can warp wood. Aluminium decking is best suited to multi-tiered decks. Plastic decking is almost maintenance free and is environmentally friendly as most plastic decking is made from recycled bottles. Although the initial layout for plastic decking may be more expensive, it could be the cheaper option in the long run. Wooden decks, although cheaper upon installation, can warp over time and require consistent maintenance.

Alternative Decking: Eco-decking is an environmentally friendly, low maintenance option that has the natural look of wood while being a composite material. Although the decking material may be more expensive, the installation itself is often cheaper than traditional decking making this one of the most budget friendly options. Bamboo decking is another cheaper option, cheaper to install and resistant to warping, mildew and rot. Bamboo decking is durable and strong, providing a cheap and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

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